Factors Affecting Paper Chromatography

Paper chromatography is an economical but the potent analytical technique of separation of components of complex mixtures that involve very little amounts of material. In this technique involves applying a sample solution as a spot close to one corner of the filter paper and mobile phase runs throughout the paper and as per the affinity of analytes to the mobile phase samples can be separated.

Here are some factors that affect paper chromatography, let’s check it.

Quality of paper used: Some papers are better absorbed and retained than the others. Have to try with the different types and brands of paper.

Length of the paper: Usually, separation will be better on long paper.
Type of Solvent used: The solubility of each compound have different, so for different effects of separation try the different solvent.

The thickness of the paper: Paper thickness is difficult to travel the spot upwards.
The concentration of the sample or spot: the concentrated spot cannot separate properly and if the very diluted so It cannot be seen properly.

Effect of Temperature: temperature can affect the separation of analytes.

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