principal of HPLC chromatography

¿What is the principal of HPLC chromatography?

HPLC stands for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. It is an upgraded form of column liquid chromatography. It is a separation technique where a mobile phase substance is passed through a column of stationary substance for separation and HPLC method validation data is extracted after that. This is the principle dominating the entire process.

What Are The Types Of HPLC Chromatography?

There are several types of HPLC method development like:

  • Normal Phase HPLC
  • Reverse Phase HPLC
  • Size-exclusion HPLC
  • Ion Exchange HPLC

What Are The Different Processes Involved In HPLC Method Validation?

Although there are several types of equipment necessary to conduct this process, the significant mentions are:

  • Solvent Reservoir
  • Pump
  • Sample Injector
  • Columns
  • Detector
  • Data Collection Equipment

Applications Of HPLC Chromatography

HPLC method development is a process highly recognized and researched for the possibilities of new drug testing. It finds applications in pharmaceuticals, food, forensics, and environmental aspects.


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