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Advantages and disadvantages of ion-pair chromatography

Reversed-phase ion-pairing chromatography is an extremely useful technique in analytical chemistry to separate the charged molecules that would not be retained in regular RP-HPLC. It can be used for both positively and negatively charged types of analytes and is a sophisticated chromatographic technique.Here some advantages and disadvantages of ion-pair chromatography are mentioned.Advantages of ion-pair chromatography:

  • The separation of ion-pairing chromatography includes two additional variables that can be used to manage the selectivity.
  • It can separate both ionized and non-ionized analytes simultaneously.
  • It can improve peak shapes.
  • This significantly reduces separation time compared to ion-exchange chromatography.
  • The preparation of buffers is simple.
  • Has a high reproducibility of results.
  • It has the broadest selection of carbon chain length for better separation and retention.
  • Easy and quicker preparation compared with gas chromatography.
  • It gives very precise and reproducible results.
  • It can separate the compound in short retention time.
  • It has Low limit of quantification (LOQ) and limit of detection (LOD)

Disadvantages of ion-pair chromatography:

  • More operational complexity
  • Interpretation of results is more challenging
  • Column equilibration takes longer time after changing the mobile phase
  • The cost of analysis is a little high since ion pairing is used to separate the compounds.
  • The ion-pair materials are non-reproducibility from batch to batch.
  • The lower activity and stability.

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