high performance liquid chromatography, broad peaks

Factors affecting IR spectroscopy

This method offers a simple and quick technique for determining the presence of functional group species in an organic compound or molecule. In which the IR radiation passes through the sample and that spectrum is a plot of the percentage of IR radiation.

Several functions of the wavelength of radiation associated with covalent bonding. Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR), Dispersive infrared spectrometers and Raman spectroscopy are various kinds of infrared spectroscopy available.

The FTIR is a commonly used instrument in which the absorption spectrum is acquired by a Fourier transformation of an interferogram. The IR instrument uses a monochromatic light, while FTIR instrument uses a polychromatic light to identify the functional group.

There are mainly 4 factors affecting the vibrational frequencies in IR spectroscopy.

1. Coupled vibrations

2. Fermi resonance

3. Electronic effects

4. Hydrogen bonding


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