preparative hplc

¿What is preparative HPLC?

Preparative hplc involves seperating a chemical reaction product from a mixture of products in a state of high purity, sometimes in large volumes, in tge shortest possuble time. Biichemucals and natural prodyct extracts can also be seperated in this way. The high purity product may then be analysed to establish its chemical formula, or it may be used for further processing. Eg. As the active ingredient in the production of vaccines, insulin etc.

The size of the preparative hplc column needed depends on the amount of high purity product that needs to be collected. For 10s of micrograms of product conventional hplc appuratus can be used. If 100s of micrograms need to be collected semi-preparative hplc columns are used. For the collection of grams of product and kilograms of product process scale and industrial scale preparative hplc columns are used.

Factors such as column overloading and solubility of sample in the mobile phase ate issues when working with large amounts of product to be seperated.

Preparative hplc columns :

What is preparative HPLC?

Process scale & Industrial scale preparative hplc columns :

What is preparative HPLC?

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