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What is the Laboratory Support Ring?

  1. What is the Laboratory Support Ring?
  2. What is the Laboratory Metal Ring for?
  3. Laboratory Metal Ring function.
  4. Features of the material
  5. Applications of the metal hoop
  6. How to use the metal ring
  7. Laboratory Support Ring manufacturer

Within the research space, various instruments, reagents and materials are required for efficient research work, the laboratory Support Ring is indispensable for the happy completion of any work because its function is indispensable.

What is the Laboratory Support Ring?

It is also known as ring, iron hoop made of cast iron; that is, in a metal tool that is located in the research enclosure, it is attached to another metal tool such as the universal support adjusting the screw by hand. It is essential in the laboratory because it depends on several practice assemblies in the laboratory, it is an accessory for the universal support

Support Ring
Support Ring

What is the Laboratory Metal Ring for?

It is used to hold other instruments such as a glass funnel, hold to transfer a liquid, beaker and test tube to receive heat, decantation funnel, separates mixtures that do not join, metal grid that separates and holds the fire of the lighter and allows the assembly of different devices in the laboratory.

To be attached to the universal support by means of a screw or nut that can be adjusted manually. To heat mixtures, substances safely. Helps to avoid burns.It also serves as a support for other materials. As a holder for holding glass containers.

Laboratory Metal Ring function.

It is used as a support, as a holder of glass instruments. To be heated inside it mixtures or substances. In order for a reaction to occur. It is to support objects while different techniques are applied to them, to be resistant to fire and heat. It works as a safety element to prevent burns.

It has a variety of applications.It allows the realization of various assemblies within the laboratory. It allows the vessels and the substances inside it to heat up, producing strong reactions. Substances are heated in a safe way.

Support Ring
Support Ring

Features of the material

It has a circular shape, with a screw that is tightened by hand. It has variable diameter: 50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm. It is divided into three parts the circle, the screw for adjustment and the grip arm. It is heat resistant. It is a bracket accessory universal.Se it is attached to the universal support by means of the adjustable screw it has. Perfect adaptability in the universal bracket.

Applications of the metal hoop

To hold containers that will be heated to direct fire. The support of materials such as decantation funnels and beaker. Allows the preparation of different assemblies in the laboratorio.Es selected for mounting in experiments of violent reactions on the flame. Utensil that withstands strong reaction processes.

How to use the metal ring

Prior to the assembly of the laboratory experience. The researcher plans which scaffold will be adjusted for the analysis of the sample. He will review and verify the existence of the materials, instruments necessary for experimentation. How to make sure gas fluidity. The operation of security alarms.

Check that the Support Ring is in good condition.That the containers to be used are not broken or broken. Remember the functions and uses of each instrument to be used. Check the proper functioning of the lighter and adjust its flame.Select the good condition of the metal grid.

Choose a cool space inside the place where you will run the experience.Choose an inn with stability and firmness where you will place the scaffolding. Properly adjust the Support Ring on the universal bracket. Look for a universal support that is compatible with the size of the scaffolding to be made. Once the described actions have been carried out, the support is placed on the chosen countertop.

The Support Ring is then stably adjusted to the appropriate height. The hose of the direct gas connection to the bunsen burner is installed. Place the metal grid on the metal ring. Place the container with the substance on the asbestos grid. Turn on the lighter and make the relevant observations.

Laboratory Support Ring manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of laboratory support rings, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Here are a few options:

  1. VWR International: VWR International is a global laboratory supplier that offers a wide range of laboratory equipment and supplies, including laboratory support rings. You can find their products on their website at
  2. Bel-Art: Bel-Art is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, including support rings. You can find their products on their website at
  3. Fisher Scientific: Fisher Scientific is a well-known supplier of laboratory equipment and supplies. They offer a variety of laboratory support rings, which you can find on their website at
  4. Cole-Parmer: Cole-Parmer is another global supplier of laboratory equipment and supplies. They offer a range of laboratory support rings, which you can find on their website at

In addition to these manufacturers, there are also many online marketplaces that offer laboratory support rings from various manufacturers. Some of the popular ones include Amazon, eBay, and Grainger

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