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The ALLIHN CONDENSER, recommendations

  1. Characteristics of the ALLIHN CONDENSER
  2. What is the ALLIHN CONDENSERe for?
  3. ALLIHN CONDENSER function
  5. Types of ALLIHN CONDENSER or condenser tube

Different practices are carried out inside the laboratory, where one of interest is the distillation of substances. For which an apparatus is mounted composed of a universal support, attached to a metal ring that holds a distillation balloon with liquid, a fractional column, a thermometer, a pedestal to hold the Allihn Condenser, a flask to collect the distilled liquid, a lighter, now that you know the parts involved in that experience I invite you to read carefully the 6 recommendations for using the Allihn Condenser.

Characteristics of the ALLIHN CONDENSER

It is a laboratory instrument built in glass material. It consists of two concentric cylindrical tubes. The cooling liquid is circulated in the outer tube, while the liquid vapor moves in the inner tube. It has connections at the tips, special for adjusting other devices.

To place other glass items that help correct processing and collection of the product. It has two connections on the outside to place the refrigerant inlet and outlet hose.

What is the ALLIHN CONDENSERe for?

To get a product distilled as normal liquid substances.  Clove essence, for the use of amalgam in which distillation is used. It serves for the purification of a liquid. To distance the constituents of a substance.

The refrigerant pipe
Allihn Condenser


Its function is to cool hot vapors.  By means of the reflux of the refrigerant, the hot vapors are cooled, the vapor condensing to collect the liquid that was wanted to be separated. It works as an instrument for the change of state of matter from vapor to liquid. Reduce the loss of dissolution and obtaining a pure and concentrated product.

Guarantee the heating of the mixture for a long time to achieve the largest amount of product.

The refrigerant pipe
Allihn Condenser


Brand Allihn glass 300mm male and female 29/42 10.668 buck. Straight tube for condensation 1.000 dollars. Brand LEIBRG 300 MM 24 /40 14.368 dollars. Semi frosted straight tube 300 mm 1.300 dolare.

Types of ALLIHN CONDENSER or condenser tube

They are presented in different types, Allihn condenser, is called a reflux tube. It has a water camisole that moves through the outer tube with bulging inside that raises the condensation of steam. Of air, the heat is diffused by the glass and cooled by the outside air.

Dimroth, known by the name of spiral tube, for possessing double internal spiral so that the cooling of the inlet and also the outlet of the liquid occurs. The coolant is located at the top.

The Fiedrich, it is called the serpentine, possesses in its immense cylindrical capsule a large spiral. Graham, is named the spiral capacitor. It carries a coil that is move all over the tube. Liebig, it is the simplest of the fefrigerants. Vigreux, is used as a fractionation column, is an air condenser modify.

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