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Applications of ion-pair chromatography

Ion pair chromatography is a technique for improving the separation of charged analytes using the popular reversed-phase chromatography. The ion-pair reagents are applied in the mobile phase to increase retention time and peak shape.Here some applications of ion-pair chromatography are mentioned.Food analysis:It is very useful for the analysis of food and beverages hence it is commonly used in food industries. It can separate analytes with different chemical properties such as polarity, acidity, and stability. As compared with ion-exchange chromatography it gives better resolution and it can separate multiple vitamins in a chromatogram.Biological analysis:Ion pair RP-HPLC is a versatile technique for RNA analysis; it can separate RNA molecules.Pharmaceutical analysis:Since it is sensitive and can determine low concentrations of analytes, it can be used in the pharmaceutical analysis to separate and determine impurities from the dosage form.Ion pair chromatography has great accuracy and gives highly reproducible results. It is a robust method as compared with RP-HPLC, as unaffected by changes in column temperatures and pH of buffer or mobile phase.

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