what is hplc

Advantages of HPLC

HPLC is a technique used for separation, identification and for quantitative and qualitative analysis of each analyte with a sample including organic as well as Inorganic compounds. HPLC used in various analyses of productions, medicals, environmental and forensics, HPLC has many advantages and disadvantages let’s check some advantages.

  1. The highly accurate process of separation of analytes
  2. High resolution and time-saving Analysis.
  3. Reproducible
  4. Quickly, Automated and simple data analysis
  5. Sample analysis in parts per million (PPM) level
  6. Reusable columns
  7. Methods are robust
  8. Retention time and Area of Samples are Precise
  9. Upgradable to LC-MS
  10. HPLC used for a wide range of compounds


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