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Difference between HPLC and TLC

Chromatography is a method of physical separations that is applying for separate and recognizes analytes from the sample of complex mixtures. HPLC and TLC are the chromatographic techniques; both are useful for the separation of less volatile and non-volatile analytes. The important difference between HPLC and TLC is the quantitative separation of a sample is possible for HPLC, whereas TLC in which there is no quantitative separation of the sample.
Here are some points of difference between HPLC and TLC.

  • HPLC is a high-performance liquid chromatography.
  • TLC is a thin layer chromatography.
  • In HPLC, columns are used in place of plates and partition coefficient or adsorption is the method of separation.
  • In TLC, the fine solid material is spread on a plate, and capillary action is permitted to migrate the mobile phase to the surface of the TLC plate.
  • The liquid mobile phase in the HPLC system pumped with pressure through the HPLC column, which is packed with a stationary phase.
  • The liquid mobile phase in TLC travels with capillary action through the TLC plate which is made of the silica or alumina.
  • HPLC is high efficient than thin layer chromatography.
  • TLC is less efficient than high-performance liquid chromatography.
  • HPLC column is reusable.
  • The TLC plate is not reusable.
  • Very low sample quantity can be applied to TLC compared to HPLC.
  • TLC takes less time for method development than HPLC.
  • HPLC can be connected to Mass spectrometer.
  • HPTLC is the automated form of TLC.

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