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The Serological And Volumetric Pipette

  1. ✨What is a serological pipette?
  2. ✨What is a volumetric pipette?
  3. ✨What is the difference between graduated pipette and volumetric pipette?
    1. ✨The serological pipette
    2. ✨The volumetric pipette
  4. ✨The serological and volumetric pipette advantages and disadvantages
    1. ✨The serological pipette advantages and disadvantages
    2. ✨The volumetric pipette advantage and disadvantages

The differences between serological and volumetric pipette are of great importance in laboratories. Since both have the characteristic of being a tube for small measures. Question that makes it necessary to know its operation, use, parts for manipulation. So that in this way the operator's work is comfortable and easy.

✨What is a serological pipette?

Serological pipettes are those that have a resemblance to the graduated pipette that has terminal discharge. In other words, its graduation culminates at the tip of the instrument. It is a gamma ray sterilized instrument and its maximum capacity is from 5 ml up to 25 ml. It is used in the transfer of cell cultures and in any measurement involving an aliquot.

The material of its manufacture is plastic (polystyrene). It has a design that incorporates a blowing hole, like a cigarette through which it is blown to help dispense the retained liquid. It has the presence of a frosted belt that serves as identification.

Located the upper end is thin, colored around the neck. Body fluids are normally transferred for pathogen studies. It has a filter to prevent infectious agents from coming into contact with the atmosphere. Used in the food, cosmetic industry.

They bring marks (TD) which means free drainage and (TC) uses blown or solvent washing. They are classified into different, there are plastic with an open end, 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and are disposable. Bacteriological, used for dairy products, disposable 1.1 ml, 2.2 ml.

Suction, designed to transfer, mix liquids.

✨What is a volumetric pipette?

It is also known as a volumetric pipette because it has the presence of one or two gauges carved into the glass. Its measurement is in a single amount of liquid at a time. Providing volumes determined according to the capacity, if it is of a capacity it is left to drain alone. While if it has two capacities it can be blown for the complete dispensing of the liquid.

The suction is carried out with a rubber that generates a vacuum. They are designed in different sizes depending on the need for manipulation. It is a volumetric instrument used to measure and transfer an aliquot of liquid from one place to another. They are commonly used in various areas of research.

It is used to take the measurement, on the sample for different analyzes. It has two ends, one where the rubber is placed for emptying and the other for the suction of the liquid. It offers greater precision to perform the calculation of the volume of the liquid.

The runoff is accurate, it is sucked to zero, and then brought to the desired volume. It uses suction bulb for vacuum liquids and indicates the exact amount of solution to be transferred.

serological pipette
serological pipette

✨What is the difference between graduated pipette and volumetric pipette?

The differences between serological and volumetric pipette lies in its characteristics which distinguishes the serological and volumetric pipette are,

✨The serological pipette

The serological pipette is part of a group of instruments with a graduated scale. Which measure, transfer volumes to different containers with the same device. It is less accurate because its intermediate measurements may fail to measure. They bring a hole through which the blowing is carried out

They can be disposable plastic, with greater economic value. They also have a colored belt for measurement. The graduation is visible on the instrument up to the tip, it has an orifice to complete the dispensing of the liquid. They are a sterilized tool with gamma irradiation whose volumes are from 5 ml to 25 ml.

It measures bodily and infectious fluids and has a partial discharge. Serological pipettes are classified according to their type there are standard, bacteriological and preparation. They have a marked scale engraved to measure volume. Usually useful in health area

✨The volumetric pipette

The volumetric pipettes are part of the glass materials and are characterized by being a calibrated instrument. Which measure and transfer aliquots liquids. They only measure and transfer a single volume, to a single container, with one instrument. They are more accurate devices than serological pipettes.

The two-way pipettes can be blown to help drain the liquid. They are commonly made of glass, reusable and less expensive. There are two types of one and two gauges with glass tips that although they are broken or deformed do not affect the measurement.

The volumetric pipette are glass devices calibrated under international standards. It uses the propipeta for vacuum suction and its sterilization is in a sterilizing stove. It measures volumes of compounds solutions, chemical substances from 2 ml to 10 ml and their pouring is total.

Its classification is the preparative, the analytical ones who have marked all the information for use. The volumetric pipette is used in the laboratories of chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and in scientific research.

✨The serological and volumetric pipette advantages and disadvantages

The differences between serological and volumetric pipette are necessary to clarify that the advantage, considered to be later in comparison with another. The disadvantage is the less favorable circumstances of something. Consequently, a characterization of the favorable and unfavorable for both instruments will be made.

✨The serological pipette advantages and disadvantages

The differences between serological and volumetric pipette is to know what about them. It favors you that your cargo is used for several samples while what does not favor you is that it is more exposed to contamination. The advantage is the presence of an antimicrobial filter meanwhile its disadvantage is that if the liquid flooding occurs it does not work.

Another thing that favors it is the easy handling of infectious fluids as opposed to a possible contact with the atmosphere of the pathogen if the filter is expired. Also the plastic material is irradiated with gamma rays, its disadvantage is that being disposable the investment in the equipment is greater.

The favorable is the use of the pipette in liquids such as solutions and suspensions, however the need arises for instruments with different densities. Adding to the above we have that the serological pipette has partial discharge, one shot is distributed for several samples however there is a possible transfer of contaminant between the samples.

It is designed with a cigarette-type hole for complete emptying, which is its advantage but its disadvantage is the introduction of microorganisms into the device by blowing. Their advantage is that they can be discarded while their disadvantage is the high investment. In its favor it has to use a single immersion tip.

However, it does not favor the possible transfers of unwanted liquids to the samples. Its advantage is very useful in the manipulation of body fluids while its disadvantage would be that it does not mobilize chemical reagents.

✨The volumetric pipette advantage and disadvantages

The differences between serological and volumetric pipette are basic. The volumetric pipette possesses the advantage of accuracy, because the transferred liquid is measured, accuracy, by making accurate determinations, reliability, the non-occurrence of measurement failures. In addition, the lower use of several devices during the study. In contract its disadvantage is performs a single sample charge.

In the same way it has in its favor that it is made of glass with chemical resistance, mechanical lies so much does not favor it that they are prone to splintering, breaking during use. It has the advantage that if its tip is deformed or broken it does not undergo volume modifications.

The difference between serological and volumetric pipette, are of vital importance for the handling of the device when starting with the execution of laboratory practices. I invite you to read and reread this information so that you exhibit conditions of knowing during its manipulation.


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