Care and Maintenance of centrifuge

Care and Maintenance of centrifuge

  1. Definition of general maintenance
  2. Centrifuge preventive maintenance concept
  3. Types of preventive maintenance
  4. Why do preventive maintenance to the centrifuge?
  5. The burden of the centrifuge
  6. Recommendations for use
  7. Operation check
  8. The operator in the preventive maintenance role
  9. Preventive Maintenance

The Care and Maintenance of Centrifuge, nowadays it is more necessary due to scientific advances different devices have been invented, to help the researcher in the diagnosis, review, study various samples. It is imperative to guarantee the proper functioning of these devices in this sense I invite you to read the publication taking care of the centrifuge. Where you will find the definition of preventive maintenance, preventive maintenance for a centrifuge and how to execute the cleaning of the equipment.

Definition of general maintenance

First let's clarify what maintenance is, it is the one that he is appointed to a team by means of overhaul, cleaning. Ensuring the reliability and performance. Preventive, is when to an apparatus in operation, the incidence is foreseen before they occur, that is, before the equipment is damaged. Follow-up is carried out in its operation, if necessary, keeping a record of the incident. Avoiding the failures of the apparatus. The features of preventive maintenance are, of all kinds of activities aimed at preserving the equipment.

Other features are the installation of a new appliance, as indicated by the reviews periodic. Minor repairs such as lubrication, oil change or parts wear.

Centrifuge preventive maintenance concept

Preventive maintenance is the action that is performed to avoid the failures of an appliance. Take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, legislation or the experts. To prolong the usefulness and duration. Provide for the interruption of work, due to the fact that the appliance is damaged. It is executed in advance, in order that no breakdowns arise. It is usually performed every six months, this depends on the conditions of the equipment.

Care and Maintenance of centrifuge
Care and Maintenance of centrifuge

Types of preventive maintenance

Are derived from different guidelines, taking into account the time and the hours of use of the equipment. Of preventive conservation, the predictive one, where the occasion for effecting the repair by means of the tracking that dictates the maximum time of use. From prevention, from opportunity, when the season of non-realization is seized for the shutdown of the apparatus.

Why do preventive maintenance to the centrifuge?

This apparatus is an equipment used in laboratories, for distance the solute from the solvent. There are a diverse number of centrifuges everywhere in the world. It is essential in the evaluation of substances analyze. It has in its constitution a lid, whose function is to prevent the access to the sample while moving, it works automatically. The spinning process is performed by the movement of a rotor. Base heavy, with good fixation to the table or counter, giving stability to the equipment. It has an ignition switch, which controls the power to the device and off the opposite.

It has a spin time controller, which can be observe how much time has passed. A tachometer which shows the speed at the rotate the rotor/ centrifugation. The brake, not all model have it, their the objective is to stop the spinning of the centrifuge. A rotor or spider, is where the holders are located, following the loading indications of the centrifuge. The sample holders, are containers where the sample is placed, its size depends on the equipment.

The burden of the centrifuge

It must be executed correctly, placing the sample holders in a balanced way, otherwise the rotor may be damaged. For this it is necessary to perform the following: Use equal number of samples in order to equalize the loads or masses. Do not place containers with different size, shape or thickness.Use the centrifuge by putting all the accessories on the rotor. Use only original accessories, this can shorten the service life of the appliance. Adjust these indications according to the factory instructions.

Care and Maintenance of centrifuge
Care and Maintenance of centrifuge

Recommendations for use

Are necessary for the maintenance and prevention of good operation of the centrifuge under suitable conditions. It should be taken in note that the centrifuge is due keep clean of sample debris. Keep the lid closed when is centrifuging, if something breaks turn off the equipment and wait for it to arrest. Do not use the deformed containers. Avoid introducing materials from cracked glass, grated as they can break.

Replace the damaged plugs of the sample holder. Place the equipment on a level surface, so that the appliance does not vibrate.

Operation check

It requires to load the centrifuge properly. The centrifuge should be tightly closed. Before turning on the appliance, fix previously the spin speed/time. Certify that the appliance work well. If the equipment is moving, swing the sample holders correctly. If the equipment does not work, check the electrical connection wiring of the appliance, coals or fuses.

The operator in the preventive maintenance role

With a damp cloth wipe the inner chamber and with a dry wipe the outer part, gently. If you notice a stain, place the damp cloth with detergent, if not removed report it. When one is spilled sample, clean it immediately. It should always be checked that the safety of the door is working as it should be. Verify that the control of time and speed. Check that the brake is in perfect condition. Inspect that the electrical wiring does not have tears or peeling, cuts.

Every so often the coals of the centrifuge, remove the cover from the charcoal holders, see if they are worn, chipped or cracked. These are located at the bottom of the team. When the centrifuge is in operation, note that no vibrate, if it does check the load, if it persists, register and report.

Preventive Maintenance

The exterior and interior cleaning is carried out to keep the equipment neat. The lubrication of the components that need it according to the manufacturer's guidance. To change any component, you have to look for a reference in the device manual. Clean the evaporator and maintain optimum refrigerant levels. The plates and connectors tend to break down, you have to keep it neat and placed correctly.

All the information written in knowing the laboratory reagents is essential for the conservation and operation of the centrifuge, I hope it has served you, consult this source when you need it.


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