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Researching the microscope slides

  1. What is a microscope slide?
  2. What is the slide used for?
  3. Characteristic of microscope slide
  4. Methodology of use
  5. What can the slide be used for?
  6. Importance

The advancement of sciences has led the technological industry to manufacture different materials, things or objects. Necessary for use in laboratories. They are a complement in scientific research as the slide. They are necessary for an apparatus such as a microscope to function. I invite you to consult in this blog post about slides.

What is a microscope slide?

It is a thin sheet of glass material where they are placed substances, bacteria, tissues to be analyzed with the help of the microscope, slim rectangular shape, with measures of 75mm long and 25mm wide, it is used in scientific, health laboratories, in the pharmaceutical industry, in bioanalysis. It is used to place samples and observe them under the microscope. There are different types, glass, crystal, borosilicate, plastic. Special, banding, diagnostic, standard, cavities, color, diagnostics, of bands and of fabric.

microscope slides
microscope slides

What is the slide used for?

Its function is to support different small samples. Locate the qualities of the investigated sample. Movable base that fits the platen, which does not allow to make contact with the sample. They are where the sample is placed to be observed. To conduct microscopic examinations. Observation under the microscope.

Deposit species to be observed in the microscope. Support different samples. It is a stable support that prevents direct contact with the substances studied. To realize the perfect sample assembly.

Characteristic of microscope slide

It has a rectangular shape and is thin. It should be stored in a dry place. It is used by the microscope. Its material can be crystal, borosilicate, transparent plastic so that it reflects on the microscope lens, glass. It is a companion of the coverslip, it helps to see the sample better. Measures 75mm long x 25mm wide.

It is accompanied by a coverslip to seal the sample, preventing its movement. It is located on the microscope stage. It is stored in a dry and cool place.

Methodology of use

Locate the sample to be observed. Manipulate the segmented sample for better handling. The sample is put on the slide. Attached to it is placed the coverslip. Place on the microscope stage to examine the sample. Keep notes. It is placed directly on the microscope stage to be examined.

More specifically, it consists of placing the sample in the instrument. Place the sample on top of the instrument carefully. Put the cover object on top, to seal the sample to be observed. Take the object to place it on top of the stage, hold it in the microscope. Visualize the sample under the microscope. Keep a record of the observations.

slide microscope

What can the slide be used for?

Exclusive use in biology, research, microbiology, histology, pharmacology laboratories. Unlimited use in bioanalysis to examine stool, blood and urine samples. Examine microorganisms, plant tissues, of the body. To analyze the samples in depth. The placement of substances in small quantities with bacteria and tissues.

Close observation under the microscope. Studies of tissues of the body, living microorganisms.


It has become the base instrument of the laboratory. Your role has been relevant in scientific studies. Has become the fundamental instrument for examining samples in different branches of the health sciences and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Now we do the research on the slides. The information described here, use it when you need it.


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