Maintenance Of Precision Scales

Preventive Maintenance Of Precision Scales

  1. What is the precision balance?
  2. What is a preventive maintenance for the balance of precision?
  3. What is the preventive maintenance precision balance?
  4. Preventive maintenance routine precision balance
  5. Preventive maintenance precision balance operation
  6. How is the Precision Balance calibration performed?
    1. Calibration process

Preventive maintenance of precision scales in scientific research laboratories. For the reliability and accuracy of the results and for the longevity of the equipment before, during and after each analysis of samples under study.

What is the precision balance?

It is a very useful device within a laboratory, with which measurements of the mass possessed by a body or a certain substance are made. Based on the principle of the lever. It consists of a rigid metal bar. Whose center is a rail that oscillates to achieve balance. With two side plates of equal length at the ends. From which the saucers are suspended. To confront gravity, the body or substance to be weighed and the body or substance reference are used. It is dependent on the latitude, altitude and the place where the measurement is carried out.

The word comes from BIS = to two and LINX = to plates. That it means two dishes. They are known in various varieties such as precision special, where the analytical, granatory, electronic appear which are the most used today.

What is a preventive maintenance for the balance of

Initially we will remember that it is maintenance, it is the designated to an appliance that will be cleaned and checked. Ensuring your perfect operation. Preventive, is to take the necessary care towards the equipment, performing the manipulation following the instructions for use, preventing break down, recording the incidents if there were any, or reporting them. Means to observe in advance the operation of the appliance before it is damage. Preventive maintenance is any action that allow to evade any equipment failure.

Applying the factory recommendations that the durability in the time of the same. Without being out of service. Prevention it consists in scheduling paralyzing sessions of activities in order for the equipment to rest and not deteriorate.

Preventive maintenance of the precision balance
Maintenance Of Precision Scales

What is the preventive maintenance precision balance?

It is paramount for the guarantee of durability, accuracy, functionality of the device. To avoid long periods of inactivity. Essential so that the income remains constant and rising. Result issued must be reliable therefore it must be in optimal condition. Project the periodic review in your budget so that there is no reason to review because it guarantees your income and the life of the appliance.

Preventive maintenance routine precision balance

Clean the plate where the weighing is carried out. It can be done with a piece of cotton cloth moistened with a mild soap to remove stains. Use a soft-celled brush or brush to remove dust. Clean the external part, the glasses and the inside of the device, where the weighing is carried out, removing the powders. Make sure the front door works perfectly. Procedure for checking the operation of the precision balance.

Three things that need to be addressed interfere with this review as: The object, substance to be weighed exerts pressure that spreads through the saucer, then concentrate the weight or force, give the result. The cell of active charge is equal to the charge exerted by the object or substance. It you get the display of the numbers. The elements of the balance of precision, it works by executing the principle of confrontation of electromagnetic forces. Associated with the movement of systems automated equipment.

The moving parts, are parts that integrate the apparatus that they allow to be balanced by compensation. Generated by the electric current, it is responsible for the displacement so that the balance returns again to the team. The processing involves the tare of the equipment. The adjustment control of time averages the values for a certain time. Rounding of values internal are centered by the balance. Stability compares the results. It processes the counting function, percentage, among others.

Maintenance Of Precision Scales
Maintenance Of Precision Scales

Preventive maintenance precision balance operation

In order to maintain and preserve the modern electronic balance Moderna you must know how to handle or learn to manipulate the device, for this you must perform the following: Allow the appliance to be heated at the place of location. Warm up the scale before starting the activity, connect the electricity for 20 minutes. For the analytical balance class I, it is connected by two hours before the activity. Check that the scale is calibrated.

How is the Precision Balance calibration performed?

To begin with let's elucidate what calibration means, it comes from the verb calibrate which means to measure the correct values in an instrument in contrast to a standard measurement. The scale is calibrated with the use of standard weights. In order to obtain a quality measurement, it is necessary to calibrate the device from time to time.

Calibration process

The calibrated mass must meet the tolerances (ASTM), (OILM). The manufacturer's instructions must be followed, it is carried out by trained personnel. In external leveling for models (ARS/PRS), weights of 10 gr, 50 gr, 100 gr, 500 gr are used.

Setting external calibration mode on the “To WEIGH” key, press "CAL" until calibration 0000 appears. The device measures the zero point, then it shows that same number intermittently 0000. When the indicator stops flashing has completed the process. For external calibration with weight, set "DEF” in settings, enter the weight value 0000 gr up to ten many times. If the graduation is with weights, select "To WEIGH", then press the "CAL" button until 0000 gr is displayed.

The equipment measures the zero point, then the indicator flashes with the weight to be evaluated entered. Place the weight 0372 gr, where the indicator it will blink quickly. When he is paralyzed, the fool is done. +372 gr. In the internal model calculation (ARJ/PRJ), incorporate the weight selected, set "To WEIGH", then press "CAL" until it exits calibration. The adjustment ends after the set time. Graduation automatic for models (ARJ/PRJ), enter the desired weight in "MODE AUTO”.

The appliance will be graduated only every 24 hours after the temperature variation, the calibration time is preset to "AUTO CAL-TIME n Hrs”. The correct time must be set on the scale.

The preventive maintenance of the precision scale and its care, is of the utmost importance since the durability of the equipment depends on its good handling, I hope you have been interested in the article and I urge you to consult any other of our publications.


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