plasma centrifuge

The Plasma centrifuge

  1. 💥What is a plasma centrifuge?
  2. 💥 How can plasma be separated from blood?
    1. 💥The open technique
  3. 💥What is the name of the plasma centrifuge?
  4. 💥How long should blood be centrifuged for platelet rich plasma?
  5. 💥What is the function of the platelet rich plasma centrifuge?
  6. 💥Platelet rich plasma centrifuge price

The centrifuge for platelet-rich plasma, are an apparatus very useful in the laboratory. Which allows the separation of the components of the blood, from which platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is obtained. Which has gained relevance in recent years due to the fact that it can be apply in medicine in clinical trials, sports, rheumatology, dentistry among others.

💥What is a plasma centrifuge?

The centrifuges for platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is an equipment that produces rotational movements, which allows the separation of the constituents of the blood or its substances. A device with which the blood plasma contained in the blood is separated. By means of sedimentation into liquid and solid components thereof.

The separation of the solid, liquid components or phases is also effective for liquids with different densities. The constituents are red, white blood cells, plasma. Its operation is governed by Stokes' law, it works with electricity in order to rotate samples.

Accelerating the sedimentation process, dividing the blood serum in plasma into platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma. Which floats or overflow into the tube after centrifugation. Execution is carried out under certain parameters established by trading houses.

The device consists of different speeds necessary for the efficient obtaining of the (PRP). The word centrifuge comes from the Latin centrum which means to flee. They are useful for obtaining the (PRP) to be transplanted to the patient. There are currently two approved techniques for the centrifugation of platelet-rich plasma.

Which are the open and the closed technique. Which are considered inexpensive.

💥 How can plasma be separated from blood?

Plasma can be separated from blood in two different ways by using the open or closed technique. Obtaining the patient's blood by means of a puncture with which from 20 ml to 40 ml of it is extracted. It is advisable to use a two-speed centrifuge.

In the tube you can see several phases, layer 1, is the preparation rich in growth factor. Phase 2, is the one that contains platelet-poor plasma and growth factor. Layer 3 is where the platelet-rich plasma is located. In addition there are the white series and the red series.

The separation as such is determined by the instructions of the equipment manufacturer. The separation with the closed technique, once the blood collection in the patient has already been executed, the pouring of the blood into a disposable and sterilized tube plus the additive. Proceed to centrifugation.

Then with the syringe of the equipment the fraction 1, 2 is extracted separately by changing the needles of the syringe for each one. It is placed in previously identified and separated tubes. In the same way, the platelet-rich plasma is extracted with the syringe with a new needle.

Platelet-rich plasma

💥The open technique

The separation with the open technique, becomes concrete when after having carried out the blood collection. Placed in the tube and the sample is centrifuged, the different phases obtained are extracted with the pipette. Taking special care in phase three which must be extracted portionwise until you reach a total of five.

To avoid aspiration of the white or red phase. place it in the same tube the platelet-rich plasma.

💥What is the name of the plasma centrifuge?

There are a variety of blood centrifuge machines on the market for obtaining platelet-rich plasma. Which are models of trading houses that are adjusted to a certain technique with different speeds. The most recommended is the Smart prep approved by the food and drug Administration (FDA).

Distributed by Harverst who uses the closed technique, the centrifuge is double speed (the soft at 2400 rpm and the strong at 5600 rpm). Continuously, strong speed, allows the separation of red blood cells. The smooth speed is where the platelets and the white fraction come together and separate.

It uses a sample collection kit and an anticoagulant. It separates the plasma-rich plasma (PRP), the plasma-poor plasma (PPP) and the growth factor-rich plasma (PRP + FC) individually. The amount of blood taken is from 20 ml to 26 ml.

💥How long should blood be centrifuged for platelet rich plasma?

The time it takes for the centrifugation of a sample to obtain the platelet-rich plasma varies with the commercial house. For the commercial Harverst cas it takes 15 min in continuous centrifugation, in the BTI model, 25 min, while Artherx in 10 min, for Vivalat A/S it takes a time of 23 min.

plasma centrifuge
plasma centrifuge

💥What is the function of the platelet rich plasma centrifuge?

The centrifuge for platelet-rich plasma fulfills a function of accelerating the decantation or sedimentation of blood components in three phases according to their density. His main interest is in platelets for use in the healing process as a carrier vehicle.

Of the growth factor contained as proteins in the alpha granules. The concentration and placement in the affected place of the patient's body accelerating its regeneration.

💥Platelet rich plasma centrifuge price

I add information where you can buy equipment at good prices. In deplasma .com, a centrifuge for platelet-rich plasma, in from 50,00 euros to 78,09 euros, In mercado libre Venezuela, a centrifuge of 6 tubes for plasma 2.000.000 Bs.

A centrifuge machine for platelet-rich plasmas of 6 tubes in 14.696.958 Bs. Another centrifuge for plasma of 6 stalls for a cosmetology spa in 2.000.000 Bs. An apparatus for plasma centrifuge for 12 tubes in 1,599,999 Bs. In addition a centrifuge for plasma with 6 Positions in 1.650.000 Bs.

From the power spin unico 3400 Rpm brand 6 Tubes per 100,000,000 Bs. Also a centrifuge for plasma gel for 8,000,000 Bs. While on the mercado libre CHILE page you can find 6-tube centrifuges from $ 215.00 to $ 1,290,000.

A very economical one from $ 91.667 to $ 550.00 of 6 places. A centrifuge machine for platelet-rich plasma at a speed of 4000 rpm for $1,949,000. In addition in a smart prep SMP-1000 System 9162 platelet-rich plasma centrifuge is offered from USD 175,000 to USD 200,000.

The platelet-rich plasma centrifuge is a great opportunity for the development of practical techniques that allow solving diseases in humanity. I invite you to review the article to find the information.


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