5 Reasons To Use The Meker Burner Instead Of Another Common Burner, Find Out Here

In the laboratory there are different variables that must be considered to carry out a process under ideal conditions. The suitable substances, knowledge of the method or process, safety and correct choice of materials. Depending on the latter, it is vital the knowledge of the materials and instruments in order to make a good selection. That's why we bring you 5 reasons to use the meker burner instead of any other burner.

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What is the Meker Lighter? 👨‍🔬🔥

We will start by defining the term burner, which is an instrument that generates fire from fuel or gas. They are used to sterilize, heat or accelerate the combustion of some solutions and reagents. There are different lighters that despite looking similar, are used for different tasks.

The Meker burner, also known as Fisher possesses the there are two ways to regulate the fire. In addition to having at its upper end a screening plate, which is a kind of mesh.

meker lighter

Description of the Meker – Fisher burner 🧡🌡

This instrument is mainly made up of a tube in an upright position with a broad base. At the base is the connection or gas supply, in addition to providing support to the burner. The flame is regulated by a key passing through the gas inlet where it is limited or released. In addition by means of a movable ring that controls the passage of the gas in the burner itself. In the head of the instrument is located a kind of grid with separation wide name screen plate.

Features of the Meker burner 👩🔬🧪

Knowing the characteristics of this instrument will allow you to use it more accurately. Its main features are the following:

It reaches high temperatures ranging around of 1200°C. It has a medium-sized burner that is around the 30mm diameter.It is usually achieved in materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloy with zinc and brass cromado.Su flame is open and wide so it warms higher proportion of superficie.Su regulation is double by means of valve of air and stopcock for the gas.Se you can use with natural gas or alcohol.

Compared to other of the burners like the bunsen, its flame is of lower intensity. However, its amplitude characteristic allows that the heat distribution is much better. In addition to its double control of heat, makes it practical in use.

What is the Meker burner for?

Contrary to what may be thought that its similarity with other of the burners makes it less useful. It turns out that it is all on the contrary, the fact that thanks to the screening plate it possesses a flame disperse. Is certainly what makes it ideal for some specific tasks in the one that the rest of the burners fail. This is the case of major coverage surface, which is quite useful in high volumes. Due to its greater heat distribution.

Using the Meker-Fisher burner 🧪🔥

meker lighter

Simply the use of the Meker burner is biased for those tasks in which its wide range is used and disperse.

Among them we have the following:

  • Microbiological culture procedures for controlled replication and multiplication of bacteria for the purpose of study.
  • Widely used in medicine and biology.
  • Sterilization processes of materials and surfaces, since with its dispersed flame it covers more space and has greater action in less time.
  • It is also used to heat wide-based vessels in combustion and heating processes.

Importance of Fisher's burner

Unlike the other burners that are employed in the processes related to substances. This burner is used a little more for the area of safety in the field of sterilization. What is basically the
elimination of microorganisms such as bacteria and microbes by high temperature application.

This sterilization process is the one that allows the reuse of laboratory materials. Eliminating the risk of contamination between substances that are used in the same container in different times. Thus reducing a toxic risk of non-allergic reactions among the remains of substances.

How to use the Meker – Fisher burner?

It is very simple and quite similar to the use in other types of burners, just follow these steps:

Check very well that the hose of fuel supply is in perfect condition without any canister. Connect the hose to the inlet of the cigarette burner, ensuring that it fits very well with a clamp. Light the match or match and then open the key by the way for gas.Regulates the passage of oxygen with the movable ring, until the desired flame intensity is obtained.Ready the burner is ready for work.

Now you have 5 excellent reasons to use the Meker burner instead of any other burner. Remember to choose your laboratory material thinking about its functionality based on the process you will perform. If you want to know more about laboratory materials, do not hesitate to look at other of our publications.

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