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The Importance Of The lab racks In The Laboratory

  1. What is a lab rack? 👨‍🔬🧪
  2. Features of the lab rack 👩🔬💚
  3. What is the lab rack for? 🧑‍🔬🦠
  4. Uses of the lab rack in the laboratory 🧪🧫
  5. Types of Laboratory Racks 👨🔬🧫
    1. Classical
    2. Interlocking cubic
    3. Stackable
    4. Blotter
    5. Tilt
    6. One piece
    7. Vial
  6. Importance of the Laboratory Rack

The work in a laboratory is so extensive and so varied that many times the implements that are used go unnoticed.
Some of them are even essential for work but they become so everyday that we do not give it the importance and deserved recognition. This is the case of the lab rack, it is an essential element of
laboratory. It is so common that we do not even name it, nor take into account.

This post is dedicated to extolling the importance of the lab rack in the laboratory.

What is a lab rack? 👨‍🔬🧪

In the natural order of things, we will start by defining the term rack because the subject of our post is one of its varieties. The rack is a specialized equipment for laboratory of simple design. Used to hold subjects and upright certain amount of test tubes at the same time. In addition, there are modifications to the original design that stop other types of sample containers or solutions. Always maintaining the basic functionality of a rack. The rack is a vital element in every laboratory process even if it is not recognized for its importance.

They can be made of different materials more or less resistant, although that does not affect its functionality. Then you will find racks made of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and even iron coated. As well as you will also find resin, plastic and metal racks foam rubber. This variety of rack is quite common, they are usually purchased with products such as test tubes. Since they bring the same as they are in their original packaging and are reused in laboratories.

foam rubber rack

Features of the lab rack 👩🔬💚

The lab rack is a container made with this porous plastic, although there are many other materials. His only the purpose is to hold test tubes or other sample containers
during the processes or their storage.

It is composed of a series of consecutive holes of a size if you can say universal. In which a test tube is perfectly positioned, guaranteeing order in the laboratory. The lab rack can be characterized as a support for test tubes.

They are comfortable to use during work and are of easy disinfection, equipped with high resistance to chemical corrosion. They can be identified and organized in many ways, which makes it very
easy to differentiate them.

What is the lab rack for? 🧑‍🔬🦠

It may be that if you have not immersed yourself even once in a laboratory, you have never heard his name or he is little known to you. Without however, if you have had even a laboratory experience, for sure you used a rack. Even without knowing his name. The importance of this laboratory material is one of the largest and also the least renown.

Although the racks are used daily in many laboratories there are very few occasions when it is given the importance that deserve. The lab rack has an enormous importance within the
laboratory work. Since a single tool makes it easier to hold, organization, identification and practicality of work with test tubes.
Which are usually containers of substances under study.

Its design allows to store test tubes of different measures with the same precision. In addition, they withstand quite well the changes of temperature without any alteration. Which enables them to be used in many experiments and procedures.

Uses of the lab rack in the laboratory 🧪🧫

By showing off its main function, the rack facilitates completely the use, handling, transportation and storage of test tubes.
Those that may or may not contain biological medical samples or solutions of work. It is a first necessity instrument within any laboratory. Then the uses of the lab rack is always related to its primary function.

Support of tubes at rest.Support of tubes during the procedures.Device for storage.Classification tool.Avoid falls and spills of the material inthe test tubes.

Types of Laboratory Racks 👨🔬🧫

Being a fairly simple instrument, within the laboratory different types of rack are needed or found. Which you can select for use according to your needs at the moment. A below I present a detailed list of the types and their use.


They do not have a great design, they are simple and can be manufactured in wood, stainless steel or plastic.

Interlocking cubic

It is a detachable cube-shaped design rack that it allows its parts to be detached for separate use.


They are made of polypropylene plastic, self-nailing and were created in order to maximize the use of the storage of samples in test tubes.


This rack was created especially for the storage and drying of plates used in chromatography. As well as the test tubes.


It is used in microbiology during cultivation processes in which a uniform angle in the contents of the test tube is warranted.

foam rubber rack

One piece

Designed to hold a single test tube.


They are those whose hole spaces were reduced to than to place small ampoules or eppendorf vials type containers in a comfortable and safe.

Importance of the Laboratory Rack

If you are talking about manipulation and handling of medical samples already be it for study or research purposes. There has always been talk of use of test tubes made of glass for this work. Since they are easy sterilization, good resistance to temperature changes and it allows the observation of the content of the same.

However, there are disadvantages, such as the fact that its rounded bottom does not allow it to stand on its own. In addition, the glass although it is resistant to certain conditions, it is also considered a material brittle. Any sudden shock, fall or pressure can break the tube, generating loss of content and even contamination.

In this regard is where the lab rack takes importance because it covers that need to support them and keep them safe.
So its importance lies in the guarantee that the samples are they're safe. Reducing the risk of accident due to rupture of the tubes, which makes them completely necessary in a laboratory.

In all these reasons lies the importance of the lab rack in the laboratory. One of the most used and least recognized materials of all time. To learn more about laboratory materials, visit our next posts.


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