How to distill water

How to distill water? A necessary procedure

  1. What is distilled water?
  2. What is distillation?
  3. How is water distilled?
    1. The first experience
    2. Second experience
  4. What is distilled water?
  5. What is distilled water and what is it used for?
  6. What happens if distilled water is drunk?
    1. Answers to the questions

How to distill water? a necessary procedure. The answer goes back to the fact that the human being in his need to ingest water without it representing him to get sick. The creation of different apparatuses for water purification was proposed. Even the water from the hydroelectric plants when they arrive at our houses, is observed with mud, color changed alluding that they are not pure.  Nowadays there is a need to distill water for human consumption for the conservation of health.

What is distilled water?

It is water without impurities, it has been completely purified by distillation. It is free of microorganisms, heavy metals, viruses, electrolytes, mineral salts, chemicals, bacteria, cysts, particles and sludge. It uses evaporation to release pollutants and chemicals.

Its use in materials eliminates corrosion. It is very healthy and beneficial for washing hair because it does not contain mineral salts. Its properties are similar to that of jet water, tap. It has no taste, smell, is transparent. Its formation is one oxygen plus two hydrogen. It does not conduct electricity because it is devoid of electrolytes, that's why it is an insulator.

It has a low energy level and a newly obtained neutral pH and decreases every day to the lowest PH= 5.8.

What is distillation?

It is a process by which a liquid is boiled and its vapor is condensed. Distillation is used to purify liquids or to separate the components of a liquid mixture. It is produced by obtaining the boiling of the liquid, collecting the vapor condensing it in a container. For later use.

It is an imitation of the natural process of the water cycle. By means of which impurities present in the liquid are removed. It consists of making the water boil until the boiling point is reached.There the excited molecules initiate jumps when changing from the liquid to the gaseous state. Being collected in a container to cool and then proceed to use.

It is the method to extract the contaminants from the water, obtaining very clean. All these characteristics highlight the importance of wanting to know how to distill water?.

How to distill water?
How to distill water

How is water distilled?

By the distillation process, it consists of partially vaporizing a liquid and condensing the vapors, formed by the separation. It is based on the principle of boiling through power supply. It is brought to a boil, and then converted back into a clean, contaminant-free liquid. Distillation can be carried out at an industrial level and also in an artisanal way in this we will refer to several examples of how to distill.

The first experience

For this you need the following materials, a steel pot with a lid of 5 liters minimum, a medium glass container of 3 liters maximum, a microwave grill, gloves, ice, glass bottles. Procedure, pour into the large pot half or three quarters of the water from the stream. Insert the microwave grate, immediately place the glass container on top.

Turn on the kitchen burner put the system on moderate heat. Place the lid turned to the pot and put ice on top. Wait for the process to take place by making light periodic checks, checking the amount of water. When the ice on the lid melts, place more if necessary for the production of distilled water.

Use a glove to ensure the non-contamination of the water and not to get burned by the hot. In addition, you have to be careful with the hot water vapor when opening the lid of the system. Turn off the stove, remove the pot, let it cool covered and then proceed to store the water in glass bottles.

Second experience

Have at hand a metal container, envoplast paper, a glass cup or glass and a stone. We proceed to install the device for distill by adding the water gradually. Insert the remaining glass or cup stop. Finally, cover the container with the envoplast and place the stone on it. Place the appliance made with care in the kitchen, stove, lighter or in the sun for the obtaining distilled water.

What is distilled water?

The same properties as drinking water. It is formed by one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. It does not conduct electricity because it does not have electrolytes and is insulating. Its color is transparent, it has no taste and smell. Its freshly brewed pH is neutral but after a day it drops to a PH = 5.8. It is a solvent in all chemical reactions. It has a low energy level.

It provides you with the certainty that you will not suffer from diseases by ingesting the purest water

What is distilled water and what is it used for?

At home we can perform the distillation process to ingest distilled water. But also in the cosmetic, beauty industry. They use it on the iron, who brings a small container to deposit water. To balance the water in the aquariums, in the cleaning of the crystals. The dehumidifier produces distilled water.

they are the ones that prevent deterioration due to the large amount of moisture in the works of art. Also in the spaces that preserve such works such as (art galleries, museums, old houses). In aquariums, in fish tanks, to fill the radiator of a vehicle and the batteries of cars. For the preparation of chemical and injectable solutions such as benzetazil.

In nasal inhalations, in infusions. It is also used for human consumption, for plants. To wash the hair because it does not have mineral salts and the cleaning of crystals because they do not leave white residues stuck. The water heater and air conditioner produces distilled water.

The vaporizer uses it to avoid concentrations of mineral salts.

How to distill water
How to distill water

What happens if distilled water is drunk?

How to distill water? It has been the central point for different exhibitions and points of view. Where institutions, authors refer countless opinions of harm and benefits of distilled water. That can be caused by man when ingesting the liquid. Which revolve around the main problems.

Drinking distilled water but not for a long time, because it will cause a deficit of mineral salts in the body. Therefore it should be combined with balanced foods (fruits, salads, vegetables). They also argue that people who usually consume distilled water.

They may at any time present with diarrheal diseases, vomiting, a lot of sweating and their health is compromised. That it disrupts the body's electrolyte balance, the body's cells burst. They are harmful because of their acidity, lack of mineral salts can cause anemia. In summary, it is evident that as for the alteration.

Of the electrolyte balance and if the cells burst due to the osmotic pressure exerted by distilled water.

Answers to the questions

It is said and described what happens in the cell membrane when water exchange occurs. It is pointed out that outside the body it happens as it is but that distilled water never penetrates the body pure said membrane. Nor is it in direct contact with any cell. They are dissolved in the blood where they bind with mineral salts.

It also talks about the acidity of distilled water, they allude to the answer with a comparison between those of distilled water PH = 5.8, Ph = 3 of the stomach and PH = 7.4 of the blood, it turns out the least acidic of the three. About imbalance of a body and anemia due to consumption of distilled water. It is noted that if this is true all types of water should produce the same.

anyone is a diuretic and loses salts in the urine, but man does not get minerals from water, but from food.

How to distill water? It explains the need to purify water as a fundamental basis for enjoying good health and maintaining life.


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