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The alcohol burner, Currently In Crisis

  1. ⏰📍What is an alcohol burner for?
  2. Who was the man who invented the alcohol burner?
  3. ⏰📍Alcohol burner function
  4. ⏰📍Alcohol burner parts
  5. ⏰📍Types of alcohol burner
  6. ⏰📍Features of an alcohol burner
  7. ⏰📍What kind of alcohol is used for the alcohol burner?
  8. ⏰📍What is the difference between alcohol burner and bunsen?
  9. ⏰📍How do you make an alcohol burner?

The alcohol burner, currently in crisis, frames the current context of crisis due to the covid 19 pandemic. The use of devices like this is important since it can generate heat when it is cold, cooking food, seals different materials and illuminate small areas.

⏰📍What is an alcohol burner for?

It serves as a lamp to emit light in closed and small places. It is used as a lighter in laboratories because it allows different substances to be heated. It is used as a small-scale torch, it is ideal for heating specific sites. It can be used as a cooker when there is no natural gas supply.

In the performance of standard chemical processes in microbiology laboratories. In the flame sterilization of laboratory solutions and equipment. To heat samples, chemical reagents that need little heat. It has wide functionality in different fields and is economical. It is reliable with high safety in use.

It is multifunctional, as it is works in many area where heat is needed. They are used in specialized laboratories and in informal and industrial environments. It is used to heat, sterilize all kinds of substances, samples, laboratory equipment.

Who was the man who invented the alcohol burner?

According to the structure and shape as it is known today, it comes from the year 1896 when this type of instrument began to be used. That due to the booming industrial boom, different inventions regarding lighting arose. I faced disturbing developments where its dangerousness was increased (kerosene solvent, diesel oil).

So it was dismissed, for in 1909 Car Von AUER VON Welsbach, made his invention public, in 1985 it was accepted and patented because it did not represent any danger and its operation was demonstrated.

⏰📍Alcohol burner function

The main function of this device is to heat, sterilize all kinds of substances or samples. It performs functions as a lamp, to radiate light in confined spaces. In camping, hiking, backpacking activities. It is adapted to be a torch on small scales, because it heats specific sites. It is used as a kitchen for cooking food.

⏰📍Alcohol burner parts

The instrument is simple and easy to handle and its structure is made up of three parts the container, made of glass or aluminum, brass or steel. Due to the high resistance of these materials to heat and temperature. It is a bottle similar in shape to a light bulb with a flat base that gives it stability.

The lid is used to close the bottle, turn off the wick and prevent the evaporation of alcohol. It provides better volume to the flame by means of the concentration of the solution. The wick is a cord that has contact with the solvent and with the outside of the container where the flame is ignited.

⏰📍Types of alcohol burner

The existence of multiple lighters but it is considered an alcohol burner to those containers containing alcohol, which has a wick. In this order of ideas the classification are two according to the material, the glass lighter and the metal lighter, brass, aluminum, steel. The glass one, a jar where alcohol is retained.

Made of glass for its resistance to heat and high temperatures. it is economically cheap and very commercial. Metal lighter, this material results from an alloy between metal materials, which allow to withstand extreme temperatures to which the containers are subjected.

⏰📍Features of an alcohol burner

This device has established itself as an efficient alternative with a long range, which has certain characteristics. It is indispensable in all laboratories. The flame produced is of low intensity but constant in its duration. It is a source of heat or light, quickly generating energy when turned on.

Used to heat specific substances or in other places. Its shape is similar to that of a light bulb with a flat base giving it stability. The lid is made of metal to close the container and prevent the evaporation of the liquid. It can be made in an artisanal way.

alcohol burner

⏰📍What kind of alcohol is used for the alcohol burner?

They are those that promote combustion, denatured organic substances, such as methanol, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, iso-propanol. Widely used as fuel in vehicles, on ships, in lighters, lamps, fireplaces. Methanol is known as wood or ethyl alcohol which should not be consumed by humans.

It is a colorless, volatile and flammable substance. Used to produce other chemical substances such as acetic acid, in the production of energy by 46% worldwide. Mostly used as fuel.

⏰📍What is the difference between alcohol burner and bunsen?

The alcohol burner as the name implies uses a liquid to promote combustion. By means of a wick impregnated with the substance that is ignited. It has a container that contains the flammable solution, similar to a light bulb with a flat base. It has a small and short cylinder at the top of the container where the wick is inserted.

Until it comes into contact with the liquid contained inside the container. Plus a metal lid with two ends one rounded and the other open to close the lighter.The bunsen burner, has a hot, smokeless, high flame, constantly, is the most used in chemistry laboratories.

It consists of a round base and plan plus a vertical column with two holes. One for the gas outlet and its ignition while the other is for the gas inlet using a connected rubber hose. It has a valve to regulate the gas inlet, in this way regulating the coloring of the flame.

⏰📍How do you make an alcohol burner?

Alcohol burner with soda cans, materials two aluminum cans, a knife, a scissors, a piece of sandpaper, a nail, a screw, a marker, cotton wool or alcohol to burn, 70% alcohol for external use. Procedure, proceed to mark the cans on the 1 on the part of the outer bottom, the gaps of the burner.

To the same can 1 on the cylinder dial two or three fingers wide and the same do it on the lata2. Then sand the edges so as not to cut, open the holes in the base of the can 1, around lavase and in the middle of the base 3 hollows. To the longest part of the can 2 make several not very long vertical cuts.

Join both parts of the cans, and ready add the alcohol through the holes above. Light the flame and heat the food.

The alcohol burner, current in crisis is a magnificent information to put it into practice during an emergency, I hope you have been interested in the article, use it whenever you want.


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