high performance liquid chromatography, broad peaks

Pharmaceutical Applications of Column Chromatography

Column chromatography is a separation technique that is used to purify compounds on the basis of their hydrophobicity or polarity. The mixture of complex molecules of analytes are separated on the basis of differential partitioning among a stationary phase and a mobile phase, there are various sizes of the column are available for this technique.

Here are mentioned some applications of column chromatography, let’s check it. 

  • Separation of the mixtures of compounds. 
  • Column chromatography can be used to isolate many classes of drugs and components such as glycosides, plant extracts, alkaloids, amino acids, formulations, and drugs. 
  • Removal of impurities or Purification process. 
  • Impurities in a compound can be separated by using the appropriate mobile phase and a stationary phase. 
  • Separation of active constituents. 
  • From the crude extracts, formulation, active constituents, plant extract necessary constituents can be isolated. 
  • Estimation of the drug in the formulation. 
  • From the biological fluids, metabolites can be separated. 
  • Estimation of the drug in the crude extract. 
  • Using this method, it is possible to the estimation of the drug in the crude extract.


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