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What is a Test Tube for?

  2. What is the test tube?
  3. What is a test tube for?
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What is a test tube for? The question tells us to do the search on the information. Necessary to locate the use of this instrument which serves to contain liquids or solids. Where you can mix, prepare solutions or subject it to different tests in the study or analysis in scientific research.


Since the medieval era scientists have used the tube of test for containing chemicals and various substances and their subsequent storage. Were known as a boiling tube back then, as it was they used to increase solutions to a certain temperature.  Those who invented the test tube were BERZELIUS (1814) and FARADAY (1827). The test tube as such that we know at the present time in laboratory.  Appeared in the century XIX.

What is the test tube?

It is part of the glass material inside the laboratory. It is cylindrical in shape, small, with a closed end that can be square or concave and the other open through which the substances or mixtures are introduced. The open end can use cap. It is resistant to high temperatures at sometimes it can break due to exaggerated exposures to the candle. The availability is very diverse in its sizes from 1 cm or 2 cm wide to from 5 cm to 20 cm long. As for the material has a wide range.

Made of standard glass, crystal glass, pyrex, Kimax, Borosilicate glass which can be placed in direct flame. They are resistant to chemicals, made of plastic (they do not withstand temperature extremes), they are used, and then thrown away. They are often subjected to chemical reactions. It is a container of solids or liquids. It has an elongated, cylindrical shape with a “U”-shaped base. It has a long neck that serves to reduce vapors, gases. They are located for resting or storing on a rack. Test tubes can exhibit cork, plastic, threaded, ground plugs.

What is a test tube for?
Test Tube

What is a test tube for?

They serve for the preservation of the substances inside and do not spill. They may have an opening in the mouth, others with a flat mouth.  Some test tubes have an opening in the mouth that allows for mixing while others may have an opening flat for storing substances. Usually the glass ones can be reusable and washable and plastics are discarded.

Test tube application

The glass and plastic test tubes, serve as container of liquids and solids, which will be mixed by preparing solutions and subjected to different temperatures or tests. Those who wear a cap are used for storing substances, samples in tests, qualitative tests. Warming of liquids, solids and elevated temperatures. The transfer of solutions from a container to another. The loss of the dough is reduced when they are poured. The that these measurements are used to measure volumes.

Used to observe chemical or biological changes in experiments. Plastic tubes are used to store substances that do not they need temperature rise. They are disposable. They are used in laboratories of clinical analysis. In which hygiene, accuracy are required.

Types of test tube

The test tubes are made up of two varieties of glass or transparent plastic (polypropylene). Which they must possess features such as being proof not to be thrown away. Don't be reactive. Be translucent to visualize the reaction. In the same order of ideas, they they can be called hemodialysis tube, Kahn tube, centrifuge tube. Tubes of glass test, serve for the observation of color changes in the sample. It is demonstrative and used in science schools.

Contain any substance or mixture, in liquid or solid state, while they are not used. It allows the process of precipitation of the components of a solution to take place. They are non-reactive to chemicals that are poured into it. They are arranged on a rack, which is a frame, in a vertical form. Due to its transparency, the densities of the solution can be studied. They are reusable, they can be washed with a little soap and introduce a laboratory brush to make their cleaning better.

What is a test tube for?
Test Tube


The plastic tube, serves to store, refrigerate and centrifuging clinical samples. They are disposable because precision is needed in the results. If the tubes are reused, the samples are contaminated. the results are wrong. They are used to centrifuge clinical samples, where the components of the mixture are separated. Depositing the solids in the bottom of the tube to perform the subsequent analysis.  They are used for blood storage, of urine or other fluids.

They should be labeled, place on a rack that holds them vertically, while running its processing. Being placed in a refrigerator so that it is preserved. What which prevents its deterioration in order to obtain an acceptable analysis.

Uses and functions of test tubes

What is a test tube for? For its use, a clamp is needed, which is why they usually receive heat. Depending on its shape, it is convenient to have a place to place it, such as a wooden or metal rack. They are containers by nature of substances that will be analyzed later. To observe the reactions that occur in solid or liquid substances when heat is supplied to it. In the transfer of solutions from one container to another. To collect body fluid samples. Precautions when using test tube

Be careful not to point the tube at a person. It it must be placed on the flame leaving a space between both to avoid breakage. Before a heating reaction occurs, they should not be covered. If it happens a projection of the contents when power is supplied to it move the tube away from the caloric source.

Test tube holder

test tube holder

A test tube holder is a laboratory apparatus used to hold and stabilize test tubes during experiments, usually made of metal or plastic with a clamping mechanism to securely grip the test tube. It provides a safe and convenient way to handle hot or hazardous substances in the test tube.





Test tube rack

test tube rack

A test tube rack is a laboratory apparatus used to hold and organize test tubes for holding or mixing small amounts of liquids. It's usually made of plastic or metal and has a series of holes to accommodate different sizes of test tubes. The purpose of a test tube rack is to keep test tubes upright, organized and secure during experiments or storage.





Test tube brush

Test Tube Brush

A test tube brush is a tool used in a laboratory for cleaning test tubes. It typically consists of a handle and a bundle of stiff bristles, which are used to scrub the interior of a test tube to remove residue or debris. The bristles may be made of materials such as nylon or horsehair, and the handle may be made of plastic or metal. Test tube brushes come in different sizes to fit different diameter tubes and are an essential tool for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in a laboratory setting.

Test tube manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of test tubes worldwide. Some well-known companies include:

  1. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  2. VWR International
  3. Corning Life Sciences
  4. Kimble Chase
  5. Sigma-Aldrich

These companies offer a range of test tubes in different sizes, materials, and packaging options to meet the needs of different laboratory applications. Some of them also offer customization options such as printing or labeling of the tubes. It's best to check with several manufacturers to compare their products and prices to find the best fit for your needs.


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