high performance liquid chromatography

Both HPTLC and HPLC are well-recognized for the separation of analytes and for qualitative and quantitative analysis and they have many advantages.

Here are some of the advantages of HPTLC on HPLC as follows: 

  • Preparation of the sample is simple.
  • Maintenance costs are low. 
  • The whole spectrum can be seen. 
  • Many analysts can work together on the same system. 
  • Consumption of solvents per sample is very low. 
  • Solvents do not need any prior treatment, such as filtration and degassing. 
  • There is no need to clean the sample. 
  • There is no effect of the turbid sample on analysis. 
  • Using the freshly prepared mobile phase, there is no chance of interference from the previous analysis.
  • Analytical grade solvents are suitable. There is no need for expensive solvents. 
  • UV absorption and Corrosive mobile phase can also be used. 
  • High flexibility in the different steps, such as the selection of mobile phase, stationary phase, and developing techniques. 
  • More basic pH can be used in a mobile phase, which is not suitable in HPLC. 
  • An analytical requirement is least. 
  • Technically simple, no skilled person is required to learn and operate. 
  • Precoated HPTLC plates are available in low cost. 
  • The solution of the solvent is not extremely significant for sample solubility because it is completely removed prior to developing chromatogram. 
  • Sampling and standard can be processed simultaneously under the same condition provide better analytical accuracy and precision.

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