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Various advantages of HPTLC over HPLC

Both HPTLC and HPLC are well-established for analyte separation and qualitative and quantitative analysis and offer many advantages.

Here are some advantages of HPTLC over HPLC: 

  • Preparing samples is easy.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • The entire spectrum can be seen.
  • Many analysts can work together on the same system.
  • Very low solvent consumption per sample.
  • The solvent does not require any pretreatment, such as filtration and degassing.
  • Samples do not require cleaning.
  • A cloudy sample has no effect on the analysis.
  • A cloudy sample has no effect on the analysis.
  • When using a freshly prepared mobile phase, there is no interference from previous analyses.
  • Analytical grade solvents are acceptable.
  • No expensive solvents are required.
  • UV absorbing and corrosive mobile phases can also be used.
  • Great flexibility in each step of mobile phase selection, stationary phase selection, and development techniques.
  • More basic pH values ​​can be used for mobile phases that are not suitable for HPLC.
  • Analysis requirements are minimum requirements.
  • The technology is simple, no need for professionals to learn and operate.
  • Pre-coated HPTLC boards are inexpensive.
  • The solvent solution is not particularly important for sample solubility because it is completely removed before developing the chromatogram.
  • Samples and standards can be processed simultaneously under the same conditions, providing better analytical accuracy and precision.

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