high performance liquid chromatography, broad peaks

HPLC Columns

The most HPLC columns are made from stainless steel, the actual separation happen into the column usually columns are 30 to 250 mm in length, 01 to 05 mm in diameter and 03, 05 and 10 microns in pore size. The column is packed with porous particles. The Porous particles are made from polymer and surrounded by a thin equal layer of silica and polystyrene.

In early years LC carried out in a glass column with diameter 01 to 05 cm and length 50 to 500 cm. Commonly HPLC have guard column in front of the analytical column to protect from contaminants and remove particulate material it helps to extend the life of analytical column, the guard column and analytical column have same stationary phase.Here are listed some common bonded phase for HPLC columns.SI, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, C18, CN, NH2, NO2, OH, PHENYL, SCX, SAX, WCX, WAX. 


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