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Chromatography abbreviation

Some common abbreviations used in chromatography are listed below.

A - Angstrom
ACN - Acetonitrile
Aq.sol. - Aqueous solution
C18 - Octadecyl silane
C8 - Octyl silane
CC - Chiral chromatography
CN - Cyno
DCM - Dichloromethane
DMSO - Dimethylsulfoxide
ELSD - evaporative light scattering detector
EtOH - Ethanol
FLR - Fluorescence
FTIR - Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
GPC - gel permeation chromatography 
GC - Gas chromatography
GLP - Good laboratory practice
GMP - Good manufacturing practice
FIA - flow injection analysis
H - Height 
HETP - Height equivalent to theoretical plate
HPLC - High performance liquid chromatography
HPTLC - High performance thin layer chromatography
IC - Ion chromatography
ID - Internal diameter
IPA - Isopropanol
IPC - Ion pair chromatography
IR - Infrared spectroscopy 
L - Length
Ibs - Pounds
K - Capacity factor
KH2PO4 - Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
LC - Liquid chromatography
LC/MS - Liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy
μm - Micrometer
μg - Microgram
μl - Microlitre
MeOH - Methanol
Mg/ml - Milligram/milliliter
Min - Minutes
mL/g - Milliliter per gram
mL/min - Milliliter per min
mm - Millimeter
mM - Millimole
MS - MassSpectroscopy
mS - millisiemens 
msec - Milliseconds
mV - Millivolt
MW - Molecular weight
N - Efficiencyng Nanogram
NMR - nuclear magnetic resonance
NP - Normal phase
OD - Outer diameter
ODS - Octadecyl silane
PDA - Diode array detector
PEG - polyethylene glycol
PLE - pressurized liquid extraction
pg - Picogram
pH - Potential of hydrogen
pKa - Acid dissociation constant 
PPM - Parts per million
PSI - Pound per square inch
QC - quality control
RI - Refractive index
RP - Reverse phase
Rs - Resolution
RSD - Relative standard deviation
Si - Silica
SEC - size exclusion chromatography
S/N - signal-to-noise ratio
SPE - solid phase extraction
TEA - Triethylamine
Temp - Temperature
TFA - Trifluoroacetic acid
THF - Tetrahydrofurant
R - Retention time
µg - microgram
µS - Microsiemens
UPLC - Ultra performance liquid chromatography
UHPLC - Ultra high performance liquid chrom.
UV - Ultraviolet
V - Volte
v/v - Volume per volume
Vo - Dead volume
W - Width
w/v - Weight per volume

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