Type of Gas Chromatography Detectors

GC detectors can find the identity and concentration of analytes. Selective, non-selective and specific are the nature of GC detectors. Non-selective detectors react to all components present in a carrier gas; selective detectors have a response to a variety of compounds with the same chemical characteristics and specific detectors are the response to a specific compound. Flame ionization detector (FID) and thermal conductivity detector (TCD) are the most widely used detectors, both sensitive to a wide range of components, FID is highly sensitive and robust than TCD. FID does not react to inorganic gases and TCD is a response. to inorganic gases such as N2, CO, NH3, CO2, CS2, etc.

There are a large number of detectors used for gas chromatography, check it out.

  • Flame ionization detector: (FID)
  • Thermal conductivity detector: (TCD)
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus detector: (NPD)
  • Photoionization detector: (PID)
  • Electron Capture Detector: (ECD)
  • Photometric Flame Detector: (FPD)
  • Electrolytic Conductivity Detector: (ECD)
  • Mass spectrometer: (MS)

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