What are the types of colorimeter?

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  1. What are the types of colorimeter?
  2. Tristimulus colorimeters:
  3. Spectrophotometer :

What are the types of colorimeter?

Compare the amount of light in the solution to the pure solvent. They can work quantitatively and qualitatively for the analysis of colored analytes in various applications.

Spectrophotometer and tristimulus colorimeter are the two types of colorimeters used to measure color.

Tristimulus colorimeters:

Tristimulus colorimeters are typically used in quality control and are compatible with determining color differences and tolerance. The tristimulus technique estimates the light reflected from the element using three separate sensors to have parallel sensitivity.

The colorimeter can be widely used for different applications, today there are several tristimulus colorimeters available for making color swatches and color quality control examination.

Spectrophotometer :

A spectrophotometer is a tool that can measure the intensity of light based on the color or, more specifically, the wavelength of light and other sample solutions. Detects the entire UV range (200-400nm) as well as the visible range (400-800nm).

By giving the wavelength by wavelength spectral analysis of the absorbance or transmittance properties of the sample, it provides accurate data. A spectrophotometer is quick and easy to use and is most often used to measure light absorption.

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