Maintenance of pH meter electrodes

Preparation for use

Gradually shake the electrode to ensure that the internal solution covers the entire membrane and that no air bubbles are interrupted. Soak the glass bulb in pH 4.00 buffer overnight and wash the bulb with distilled water several times before use. A white base cap is housed for the attached ice-filled electrode and the unbreakable electrode, which should be removed gradually. This cap is charged with saturated KCL to prepare the electrode for use.


The electrode should be washed every time with distilled water and never use normal tap water. Wipe the electrodes with tissue paper to remove water droplets or other sample solution. Under long-term storage conditions, the outer surface of the bulb may be dry, for reuse, the electrode should be soaked in pH 4.00 buffer solution for 24 hours. The electrode which does not react to the above treatment, immerse the electrode in 10N HCl for two hours and wash with distilled water, it can be activated by the electrode and gives rapid responses. For long-term storage of ice-filled electrodes submerged in a saturated solution of KCL, so that the bulb and gels cannot be dried and used without soaking.


Please use electrodes within the pH and temperature range, beyond the limit may cause permanent damage to the electrodes.

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