Karl Fischer titration applications

Karl Fischer titration is commonly used for water content analysis in various manufacturers as well as for quality control in all manufacturing processes that require the measurement of water/moisture content of samples/materials. Karl Fischer titration is used as a robust and reliable method. In the food industry, it is used for the determination of water content in cocoa powder, chips, honey, noodles, fruit juices and flour, etc. in the manufacture of petroleum for all kinds of kerosene, gasoline, oils and petroleum, etc.

In the cosmetics industry for the determination of water in shampoos, toothpastes, lipstick creams, etc., in the pharmaceutical production of active ingredients, raw materials, tablets, oils, ointments, etc. It is used for the determination of water in paper, wood, wool, silk and even building materials.

In this blog, we also discuss the point related to the principle of Karl Fischer titration, Applications of Karl Fischer titration, Karl Fischer titration methods, what are the 4 types of advantages and disadvantages of Karl Fischer Fisher titration.

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