Applications of nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology applications

Nanotechnology is the use of extremely small pieces of material, measuring between about 1 and 100 nanometers, and their manipulation to make new materials on a large scale. In common terms, it is science, engineering and technology at the nano level. The nanotechnology prefix removes its name from "Nano". A nanometer is a billion parts of a meter: the distance two to twenty atoms are next to each other.

Applications of nanotechnology in medicine:

Researchers are developing nanoparticles as molecules capable of delivering drugs directly to diseased cells in the body. When ideal, this method should reduce the damage caused by treatments such as chemotherapy, so it can also be used in the pharmaceutical field.

Applications of nanotechnology in food:

Nanotechnology is affecting many aspects of food technology, how it is cultivated and how it invades food, food manufacturers are desarrollando materials no materiales que no sólo marcarán la diferencia en el gusto de los alimentos, sino que también mjorarán la Food Safety.

Applications of nanotechnology in solar cells:

Companies have developed nanotechnology solar cells, which can be manufactured at a much lower price than traditional solar cells, which can be used for solar energy.

Applications of nanotechnology in electronics:

Nanotechnology is used in electronics to improve the capacity of electronic equipment and reduce its weight and energy consumption.

Applications of nanotechnology in batteries:

Immaterial manufacturers are currently developing batteries that can be recharged more quickly than conventional batteries and increase their lifespan.

Applications of nanotechnology in fuel cells:

Nanotechnology is used to slow down the catalysts used in fuel cells to generate hydrogen ions for fuel from methanol and to separate the hydrogen ions.

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