Difference Between pH Paper and Universal Indicator

The pH range is between the scale of pH 0 to pH 14, in which below pH 07 it is considered acidic, above pH 07-14 it is considered basic and pH 07 is neutral , it depends on the concentration of hydrogen ions present in the substance.

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What is a pH paper?

A pH paper is a piece of paper saturated with a pH indicator, used to determine if a solution is basic, acidic or neutral. It is determined by dipping a piece of paper into the solution and its color changes depending on the pH.

The chemical flavin causes a pH paper to change color in different solutions. This anthocyanin molecule is water soluble and changes color when exposed to different types of liquids.

What is a universal indicator?

A universal indicator is a combination of several indicators that displays a range of colors depending on the pH of any sample solution. There are two types: a liquid ethanol solution and a pH paper soaked in an indicator solution.

Difference between pH paper and universal indicator:

The main difference between pH paper and universal indicator is that pH paper gives the exact pH of the substance while universal indicator is used to know whether it is acidic, alkaline or neutral.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is it the same universal indicator and pH paper?

Universal indicator and pH paper are different things; however, they are used for the same purpose, which interprets the degree of acidity or base of a solution.

Why is pH paper called a universal indicator?

pH paper is known as a universal indicator because it shows different colors at different concentrations of hydrogen ions in a solution. A universal indicator can exist on paper or as a solution.

What is the difference between a universal indicator and a pH meter?

A pH meter is a device that digitally measures pH using a probe (electrode) and a voltmeter, while a universal indicator is a mixture of color-changing indicators that represent the pH of 'a solution.

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