Difference Between Absorption and Adsorption

The most important absorption and adsorption is that absorption is the strategy that the solution is dissolved by each liquid. On the other hand, adsorption is the strategy in which the molecule or ion of a substance adheres to the soil of the adsorbent.

Absorption is a bulk process, which means that the absorbate or substance is completely dispersed into the other medium, e.g. Liquid, solid or gas. Due to the location in the material, the absorbent material remains intact, but there is no chemical bond between them. Once the absorbent is absorbed into another substance, it cannot be easily separated.


Adsorption is the surface of the phenomenon, in this state there is the adsorbed (solid, liquid or gaseous) deposited on another adsorbent which can be liquid or solid. In it, the adsorbed is slightly absorbed together with the adsorbent and is classified into chemisorptions and physisorptions.

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