Glossary Of HPLC-LC Separation Terms – Z

The listing should be helpful to those just starting in HPLC but it also can serve as a refresher for long-time users in the field.


Zero dead volume: Any fitting or component that has no volume that is unswept by the eluent.

Zirconia: Porous zirconium oxide. Used as a chromatographic sorbent, usually coated or bonded with polymeric organic phase.

Zone: See band.

Zone velocity (u z ): The velocity at which the solute zone travels; u z = u M/(1 + k) = L/t R, where u M is the mobile-phase velocity, k is the retention factor, L is the column length, and t R is the retention time.

Zwitterions: Compounds that carry both positive and negative charges in solution.


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