Wet granulation method

Wet granulation is the most widely used method in many pharmaceutical and other industries for the production of compressed tablets. In this process, through the wet mass of the drug (API) and the excipients with the granulation fluid, the granules are produced.

A solvent is used which must be volatile in order to be eliminated by drying. and be non-toxic. Specific fluids contain water, isopropanol and ethanol alone or in combination.

The granular liquid can be used alone or, more generally, an adhesive dissolved as a solvent, which serves to ensure the adhesion of the particles after the granulate has dried.

Here are the steps involved in the wet granulation process.

  • Weigh and mix the ingredients
  • Preparing the wet dough
  • Screening of wet mass into granules
  • Drying to remove solvents
  • Projection
  • Addition of lubricating agents
  • Compression


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