Slope angle determination method

1. The height can vary when a heap or powder shape crosses the height of the funnel, it can be determined relative to the base.

2. The base on which the structure of the pile shapes can be fixed in diameter or the diameter of the powder cone can be allowed to become pile shapes.

As the size of the granules decreases, the flow of the granules is less free. Particle size distribution affects grain separation and internal flow. With particles of relatively small size, the flow of particles through the hole is restricted, because the forces attached between the particles are of a magnitude equal to the gravitational force. Since the gravitational force is the work of large diameter to the power of 3, it is important that as the size of the particle increases, the flow is facilitated. Through the flow of the hopper, the pellets show the internal flow and demixing. Due to the friction force, the flow of the granules is interrupted. Therefore, the digression from the angle of repose articulates as the coefficient of friction μ.


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