Methods for determining pH

Mentioned below are some methods used to measure pH

pH paper or indicator papers:

It is a simple and inexpensive way to provide an indication of acidity or alkalinity, although it does not provide an accurate measurement. The pH paper is coated with organic dyes which indicate the color change. Litmus paper is also used to check the acidity or alkalinity of the solution.

pH meters:

The pH meter is a widely used scientific instrument to determine the exact pH, the pH meter determines the electrical potential difference between an electrode and a reference electrode. It is available in small and medium sizes; easy to use, read on screen as well as an additional printer available.

pH indicators:

If we do not need to know the exact numerical value of the pH of the solution, but only know that the solution is acidic or basic in which case a pH indicator is useful. A pH indicator is a compound that depends on the nature of the solution environment, causing different colors.

If the pH of the solution is less than 2, it exhibits a bright red color, if the pH of the solution is around 5, it exhibits a golden or yellow color.

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