Difference Between Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical properties:

Physical properties can be perceived and measured without any change in the composition of the substance. Physical properties are used to observe and describe the substance.

Chemical Properties:

Chemical properties are only observed in a chemical reaction and therefore matter changes the chemical composition.

Here are some points of difference between physical properties and chemical properties.

Physical properties Chemical properties
No chemical reaction is necessary to demonstrate the property The chemical reaction is necessary to demonstrate the property
Physical properties are measured without changing the chemical structure of the substance Chemical properties can be measured by changing the chemical composition of matter.
There is no direct association with the chemical bond of a material This is directly associated with the chemical bonding of a material
The chemical identity remains the same Changes in chemical identity
Without changing a subject's identity, you can measure Can be measured by changing the identity of a substance
You can change physical condition but not molecules It involves changes in molecules
Which depends or not on the amount of matter It depends on the amount of substance.
Here are some examples of physical properties:

Molecular weight, color, texture, shape, hardness, malleability, smell, appearance, solubility, melting point, freezing point, boiling point, density, mass, viscosity, temperature, etc.


Here are some examples of chemical properties:

Toxicity, Reactivity, Viscosity, Chemical stability, Flammability, Half-life, Compressibility, Oxidation states, Heat of combustion, Type of chemical bonds, Radioactivity (of one atom, radiation emission), etc.

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