Difference Between Diffusion and Osmosis


Diffusion is the movement of particles from the area of ​​highest concentration to the lowest concentration.

It is a passive process.

  • Any kind of substance goes from the higher energy or concentration zone to the lower energy zone.
  • Diffusion can occur in any medium (solid, liquid or gaseous).
  • A semi-permeable membrane is not necessary for its diffusion.
  • Diffusion is not based on pressure potential, solute potential.
  • Diffusion mostly depends on the presence of different particles.


Osmosis is the movement of solvent particles over a semi-penetrable membrane into a concentrated solution from a dilute solution.

  • Osmosis is also a passive process.
  • Only water or any other solvent circulates from the zone of high concentration to the zone of low concentration.
  • Osmosis only occurs in the liquid medium.
  • A semi-permeable membrane is necessary for osmosis.
  • Osmosis depends on the potential of the solute.
  • Osmosis is highly dependent on the number of solute particles that dissolve in the solvent.


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