Correctly Volumizing A Volumetric Flask In The Preparation Of Solutions

Within the scientific field, there are many characteristics that can be perfectly fine-tuned to guarantee an exact result. In this aspect we can mention that one of the most important is the knowledge of the exact concentration of the solutions. It will depend on it that the chemical reaction turns out in the expected way. This is the reason why we will devote this entire publication to the topic. Know the importance of correctly volumizing a volumized flask in the preparation of solutions.

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  1. Volumetric flask
  2. Uses and utilities of the volumetric flask
  3. What is scoring and how is it done?
  4. How should it be volumized in a volumized flask? fill correctly
  5. Care and precautions for using the volumetric flask
  6. Importance of correctly volumizing a volumetric flask

Volumetric flask

It is a container usually made of glass with quite specific physical characteristics such as a brand where it should be leveled. This laboratory material has a volume specific which will be measured quite accurately and accurately if it is performed properly flush. The volumetric flask has a narrow and elongated neck in addition to a pear-shaped bulb that has a flat bottom.

importance of correct filling

These types of instruments are calibrated to contain a volume specific at certain already defined degrees of temperature. The main distinctive feature of flasks is that which gives them their name as volumetric flasks. The capacity line is the one that indicates the volume maximum filling for the capacity of the same. This is nothing more than a brand predetermined in the flask, between it and the mouth of the flask there is a considerable distance. Which allows the mixing of solutions by being necessary.

Normally this implement is equipped with a stopper the which can be made of tempered glass, cork or even plastic. This plug meets the function of preventing spills during the preparation of solutions since in the mouth of the flask fits perfectly.

Uses and utilities of the volumetric flask

Volumetric flasks are a laboratory material quite multifunctional, so it is not strange that it has different uses.
Among the most common and important uses, we have the following:

  • Perform accurate measurements of liquids: Since its manufacture the flask is endowed with a series of marks on its neck that serve to fulfill this purpose. These marks according to their manufacture are delimited with a certain measure of volume. Which we will use according to our convenience or need.
  • Preparation of solutions: This is perhaps the most important use of this implement, the valued solutions are the basis of many scientific processes. They are those in which the exact concentrations of both solute and solvent that must be mixed are known.

What is scoring and how is it done?

The term scoring refers to the action of performing a accurate and precise measurement using a measuring mark. When measuring in a flask volume of a liquid, it will be observed that according to the nature of it will form a curve. Depending on the case, some edges will be created that will be lower while the center will be higher and in others the opposite. This is what it is called meniscus, which can be defined as a concave or convex curvature formed by the volume of the liquid by the action of the forces intermolecular.

The type of liquid being measured in addition to its nature will define the shape that the meniscus will take. This is very important knowing it at the time of the measurement since it is taken into account to perform it is the central point of it. This action is favored by the narrowing of the neck of the flask. The slightest change in the volume of the liquid will affect the height of the meniscus. When taking the measurement of the liquid the capacity must be placed at the height of the view so that the measurement is correct.

How should it be volumized in a volumized flask? fill correctly

Measure the substance in the amount that is need and put it in the flask.Placing a minimum amount of liquid in the flask, so that the substance can be diluted in the liquid.Shake in circular motions until is completely diluted, as soon as the flask is filled to a small distance from the capacity. Drying the inside of the flask neck and then using a glass rod fill slowly until you reach to the capacity.Remember to take the measurement at the height of the eyes to properly observe the meniscus.

importance of correct filling, volumized

Care and precautions for using the volumetric flask

Do not heat the instrument to very high temperatures. high, as it could undergo modifications that alter its measurement capacity.Proper cleaning, this will ensure that the material support a uniform film of any liquid and do not look hanging drops. Rinse the glassware with plenty of water. ionized.Condition the material with small portions of the solution to be measured.Select the material very well according to the manufacturer's specifications. For example in a flask marked TC 20°C every last drop of the liquid must be removed in order to obtain the volume mark. While TD 20° C does not merit taking out every last drop of the fluid.

Importance of correctly volumizing a volumetric flask

Basically the vital importance of correct metering is to provide an accurate measurement of the liquid volume. Since achieving a known concentration in the solutions will depend on this. The slightest error in one of these measurements represents a concentration variation that could in the long run significantly affect a chemical reaction. And even from a full-fledged scientific work, since it would not yield the desired results.

Now that you know the importance of setting correctly a volumetric flask, do not make basic mistakes within your laboratory. Make accurate volumetric measurements with this wonderful laboratory instrument. Learn more about this extensive field in our next publications.

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